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Priscilla Lopez

Priscilla Lopez

Personal Details

Age 25
Height 5.1
Dress SizeM
  • English, Spanish
AvailabilityFull service
Country Jordan
Location Amman
Posted DateMay 21, 2024 18:45:00


  • Full service

Contact Details


I only meet with gentlemen. I am an experienced lover, pleasant company, and I am ready to help you realize your fantasies, but do it with respect. Thats why let's talk about the important points before the meeting. Clean and health: It comes first, cleanliness and safety. I can refuse meeting, if you act differently. Dresscode: Please understand that I wear what I like, in which I feel sexy and confident. So if you want to sleep with your secretary or nurse, tell it her directly. Meeting: it's normal if I ask you to tell about yourself or send your photo. This is a security issue.I know you watched a lot of hard hard scenes with me, but real life is not a movie, and in real life I don't accept slave's role in Woodman's style. But i can be Woodman for you if you want.Prices: You can get information by sending me on whatsapp (I do not answer calls). My verification: this page is verified, with video and selfies. If you want to see more about me, then google my name. Priscilla answer but truth. As actress I have a lot of adult films and my social media is open to everyone. Social distance: I would like to do a Web show while your wife is sleeping! You are welcome!

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  • Jordan


  • Amman


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