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Mayu - Japanese Style GFE Outcall in Tokyo

Mayu - Japanese Style GFE Outcall in Tokyo

Personal Details

Age 27
Height 169
Measurements 85D / W59cm / H88cm
Dress Size
  • English / Japanese
Country Japan
Location Tokyo
Posted DateOct 25, 2023 09:13:43


  • BJ / Sumata

Contact Details


Step into a world of pleasure and relaxation at Mayu, a captivating oasis located in the vibrant streets of Tokyo. Mayu offers a variety of delightful therapies, each providing a unique escape and a harmonious blend of pleasure and sensation.   
Mayu welcomes individuals from all walks of life, offering a sanctuary where everyone can find comfort, acceptance, and unparalleled enjoyment.
At 27 years old and standing at a height of 169cm, Mayu possesses a magnetic charm that is both enchanting and serene.
Whether you prefer the sophisticated ambiance of Tokyo or the privacy of your own residence or hotel, Mayu provides a diverse range of therapies to cater to your desires.
From the captivating Kiss to the tantalizing Titjob and Blowjob, there is an adventure for everyone. Customize your experience with Mayu's extensive selection of offerings and let her guide you to unexplored realms of pleasure.
Experience the Japanese delight of Sensations in Tokyo. Let Mayu guide your senses, bringing you moments of relaxation, bursts of happiness, and deep self-reflection. Delve into the experience, discover, and emerge with a renewed spirit.

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